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H2 genset

Hydrogen-based power supply for
mobile and semi-stationary applications

The H₂Genset is a flexible and mobile generator using hydrogen for use in areas without access to the conventional power grid, e.g. on construction sites, at outdoor events, for the temporary power supply of telecommunication masts or as a mobile emergency power supply in the event of catastrophes. Optionally, it can also be configured for use as a mobile emergency power generator without the need for foundations or planning permission.

With a peak output of 20 kW, the H₂Genset can be used in many applications such as:

  • Structural & civil engineering

  • Emergency power supply for critical infrastructures (CI)

  • Road construction and maintenance

  • Emergency services

  • Technical relief organizations

  • Events and film industry

  • Forestry industry

  • Military

Emission-free hydrogen fuel cell technology

The EFOY hydrogen fuel cell modules integrated in the H₂Genset are based on proven PEM (polymer electrolyte membrane) technology. The fuel cells produce electricity from hydrogen, supplemented by oxygen from the air. They convert hydrogen directly into electricity and the only waste product produced is water vapor. This is exceptionally environmentally friendly.

Modular design with integrated tank system

Thanks to the modular design with integrated EFOY hydrogen fuel cells, the performance range can be precisely tailored to suit your requirements. The H₂Genset has an integrated hydrogen tank system and uses proven fuel cell technology to provide energy cleanly and quietly. It also needs little maintenance and is cheap to run.

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