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ARVEY B2 battery system

The ARVEY Body 2 is a device for mobile power supply up to 2,400 W. The Body 2 was developed according to military standards and can be used in all scenarios requiring a power supply in harsh environments. This includes for example emergency forces, disaster relief, police or fire department.

ARVEY B2 - Produktrendering_final_edited.jpg
ARVEY B2 - Produktrendering_final.png

The Body 2 has two sockets for connecting 230V AC consumers and draws the electrical power from a safe lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery. To recharge the battery, the Body 2 can be connected to a generator or to the grid. It is also possible to charge the battery with solar energy.

A special feature is the hybridization of diesel generators. When the Body 2 is connected to a generator, connected consumers are primarily supplied by power from the generator due to the intelligent bypass function. The battery is charged with excess energy. This allows the generator to be operated more efficiently which saves costs and emissions. The Body 2 is compatible with generators of all sizes.

It is also possible to temporarily connect the Body 2 to large battery containers. In this case, the device can be charged with a high charging current and is quickly ready for use again. All components are integrated in a 19“ anti-vibration- frame located in a robust and hardened housing. The housing is certified according to VG 95447 and MIL standards and is IP54 rated. For transport, the system has two handles on each side and can be carried by one or two people.


The Body 2 has the following advantages over conventional 2 kW generators:

- Quick availability of electrical energy: The main switch is activated and 230 V AC voltage is available within a few seconds. No need to fill a tank with fuel or start a combustion engine.

- Sustainability: The maintenance requirements of the Body 2 are significantly lower than those of combustion engines. Fewer operating materials are required (e.g. diesel, gas, engine oil, etc.). In addition, the Body 2 produces no emissions during operation. In combination with solar energy or fuel cells, the operation of the Body 2 is CO2-neutral.

- High mobility: The device can be carried by one or two people by hand. The device does not require any operating materials (e.g. fuel) or additional equipment and reduces the logistical effort. The battery of the Body 2 can be recharged within a few hours.

- Quiet operation: Combustion engines have a high noise level. The Body 2 can be operated at a significantly lower noise level due to its intelligent fan control.

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