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methanol fuel cells

methanol Fuel cells provide power directly on site in a reliable, environmentally friendly and high-efficient manner for the safe, interruption-free functioning of the equipment they power.

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Using the JENNY 600S fuel cell significantly reduces the weight burden by reducing the number of spare batteries. For example, up to 80 % of battery weight burden can be eliminated based on the high energy density of the methanol fuel used and for a mission with a duration of 72 hours.

The JENNY 600S supplies power to electrical devices and/or charges batteries in the field with minimal user attention. It is simple to use and does not generate any kind of detectable signature. Therefore, the soldier can equip himself/herself with the minimum amount of batteries and instead carry additional food, water and ammunition.

The advantages of the JENNY 1200 are a significant reduction in the number of batteries soldiers need to carry (with more than 75 % weight reduction for a mission with a duration of 96 hours), a barely detectable noise and heat signature, and almost maintenance-free operation.


The portable JENNY 1200 fuel cell is an addition to the JENNY series that is already field-proven and has been used by the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) for years. With a nominal power output of 50 Watt, the multi-award- winning DMFC (Direct Methanol Fuel Cell) technology of SFC Energy for defense and security applications ideally extends the successful product portfolio of the already with NATO stock number introduced JENNY 600S (25 Watt) ideally.

On vehicles, supplying power to systems like sensors, radio, surveillance and other systems require a running engine or a noisy generator. This can lead to early detection in the field.


The EMILY 3000 fuel cell charges the on-board batteries automatically, quietly and without being detected. It guarantees operation of the appliances even when the engine is turned off. Therefore, camouflage remains intact.

The SFC EMILY 3000 is able to charge modern lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries, as well as the conventional lead batteries.


The EMILY 3000 is characterised by virtually signature-free, silent and emission-free operation, therefore making it the modern task forces' number one choice. Away from the vehicle, it is also suitable as a mobile field- based charging station for batteries.

The EFOY Pro 12000 Duo, a 500 W fuel cell, offers 100% reliable, off-grid power as well as emergency power. When required, the fuel cell charges the battery fully automatically, then turns itself off again – without maintenance and without user intervention.

Its compact design allows installation in a 19 inch control cabinet. By the output up to 500 W, applications with higher power requirements can easily be operated with the EFOY Pro 12000 Duo. Typical areas of application are back-up power supplies for wind and telecommunications systems, off-grid power supplies for monitoring traffic and environmental sensors as well as on-board use in vehicles.

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